”Read a bit but not too much – because then you become ’an academic'” 

– Jorma Ollila at Slush ’14


To the barricades!

Our protest campaign anchors itself in the 375 anniversary celebrations of Helsinki University and its showy publicity campaign. Our aim is to use visual material and performance and thus highlight the problems plaguing current university policies and politics: problematic funding patterns, structural reforms, and the commodification of research. Researchers are growing tired and protests seem pointless as the pressures of quantified assessments seem to make no difference.

Yet all is not lost! With our campaign we aim to bring more joy and the spirit of carnival to these protests – the university crisis has already reached tragicomic levels globally that in has in numerous ways transformed universities into a farce.


Though we follow political discussions around the upcoming Finnish parliamentary elections actively, we are politically independent. We hope that our protest may assist in elevating researchers’ point of view as well as be a reminder of the core tasks of the universities, which include independent research, teaching and societal interaction visible in all levels of society.


Our campaign is active in the social media – follow us here, on Twitter or Instagram!

This blog we collect links and writings related to the university crisis in Finland and worldwide, both in Finnish and English. If you’re interested in writing for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or through Facebook.

We warmly welcome all contributions, activists and interested people to our campaign. Universities can still be saved!

It’s time to OCCUPY #HelsinkiUni375 !


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